Why Digital Marketing Matters

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Marketing has evolved throughout time. It used to be that simply having a sign and putting your business in the right part of town was enough, but now a lot more has to go into your company’s marketing strategy in order to ensure that your business sees success. Where flyers and coupons once reigned supreme, digital marketing is the new preferred means of growing a business. Just about every company can benefit from digital marketing, whether you’re big, small, the new kid on the block, or a well established corporation. In today’s blog, The Brooklyn App, the best digital marketing app made just for Brooklyn, will give you a few reasons why digital marketing matters and how it can help your company.

The Digital Era

The internet didn’t really become popular until the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, since that time the internet has nearly become integrated in almost every aspect of our daily lives. From social media to online shopping, you can do almost everything online these days. Almost everyone has at least one social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or all of the above and more. Most, if not all, of these platforms allow companies to advertise in some way. Whether it’s through boosted or paid ads, social influencers promoting products, or just some well thought out viral marketing, companies of all sizes can take advantage of advertising on social media.

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When you take out an ad in a magazine or on a billboard, you’re advertising to a very large demographic. While this can help bring business to your company at first, it may not be sustainable, especially if you’re a smaller business trying to contend with world-wide companies that have tons of resources at their disposal. On top of this, that physical ad may not be seen by your target demographics, especially when it comes to younger consumers. With digital marketing, you can reach all kinds of demographics. You can also run multiple ads, all targeted at different demographics to help bring in the right business for your company. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to get your company in front of the perfect customers for your business.


Isn’t it fun when you get something that’s specifically for you? Whether it’s a letter, email, or just about anything else, you always love to see your name on something rather than “Current Resident” or “Community Member”. Things that have a little personal touch make us feel important and recognized. With digital marketing, you can customize your campaigns with personalizations that make people connect with your content more. Rather than making a generic email blast that everyone deletes, or printing out countless flyers with no relatability, you can create personalized digital marketing that your customers are actually excited to see.


Staying on top of your marketing strategies can be a difficult task. A lot goes into the planning and implementation for each campaign that you or whoever is in charge of your marketing department can forget to send out the campaign altogether. The human element behind marketing will always ensure that there are mistakes in some way or another, however those mistakes can be mitigated with the implementation of automation. Digital marketing can help you automate your campaigns. Whether it’s an important email blast or social media post, digital marketing allows you to create your campaign, schedule it to be sent or posted, and forget about it.

Advanced Analytics

With physical marketing, you don’t really know how many people saw your ads unless they specifically said so. While TV ads can tell you the best time for certain demographics and the best frequency for your ads, they can’t tell you if people actually saw your campaign. Digital marketing on the other hand can tell you quite a bit about your marketing campaigns. Using digital marketing will provide you with analytics you can use to help optimize your marketing strategy. For instance, a digital ad will help you understand who clicked on your ad, if they liked it, if they shared it, how they interacted with your post, if that ad helped lead to a sale at a later time, and much more. Using these advanced analytics, you can determine what to do in the future to help make your ads or posts even better.

Other benefits of digital marketing:

  • Easy to adapt
  • Increased ROI
  • Very convenient for today’s consumers
  • Helps your company stay relevant
  • People prefer digital marketing over other forms
  • And more!

If you’re looking to grow your Brooklyn business with digital marketing, then The Brooklyn App is the perfect partner for you. You can use our app to help reach everyone in Brooklyn, or your preferred demographic. Learn more about The Brooklyn App, see how our digital marketing app can help benefit you, and be sure to download The Brooklyn App on your preferred iOS or Android device today.