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Membership has its Benefits! Enjoy the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Benefits as well as the Digital Brooklyn App Software Benefits.

As a Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Member, you can access exclusive networking events, save money on business products and apply for business assistance and financing. With The Brooklyn App, you can promote your business, network with other members and build community with your consumers. Whether you are a large Fortune 500 company, a small business or a freelancer, you need to be a member of The Brooklyn App! Sign up for membership today and grow your business.

Why Local Matters

Brooklyn is a city that's booming! As more local businesses and entrepreneurs thrive, they're looking, and needing, to make more local professional connections. Brooklyners trust Brooklyners. The Brooklyn App makes B2B and B2C convenient by getting your business seen through the borough. Whether you're a large business or small, profit or non-profit, someone local wants to use your service, buy your product, come to your establishment or attend your event. The Brooklyn App helps real Brooklynites discover what they have to offer! Local matters!


Business channels are interest-based networks or communities. Join a local Channel to get exclusive content, events and meetups of that channel. Popular channels include local shopping, sports center, hotel, work-space, and local educational channels

Channels are hyper-local, business-centric, and interest focused. Channels are a used to build community by helping businesses connect with the local customers while customers opt-in to receive the channel-related content.

Business Channels provide valuable digital real estate. To learn how your business can get a channel on the Brooklyn app, click below.

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The Brooklyn App Marketplace allows you to discover businesses and services in the Brooklyn area like never before! Add funds to your wallet and hire local freelancers, purchase gift certificates, or grab coupons for local products and services all in one convenient app.

The Marketplace is for all members, but only Business members will be able to post and transact in the Marketplace.


Attend exclusive Brooklyn events. When you book on the Brooklyn app, you can join the conversation as an attendee of the event!

Get social, view attendee profiles, network and make new contacts with like-minded people.

Discover flash sale events, fitness classes, local meetups, classes, networking events, and more. Hosting events on the Brooklyn app is reserved only for Business members. With a Business membership, you’ll be able to post, promote, and sell tickets all in one place.

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Exclusive Content

Receive exclusive Brooklyn content or promote your own content on The Brooklyn App!

Exclusive Channels: Create Channels or Interest based groups to match BCC’s initiatives. Some examples of Channels are industry specific channels such as job fairs, ethnic groups, small business support, etc.